Nothing but Sunshine.

Kylie Jean lights up the world around her bringing life and light to every situation. She is nothing but sunshine. A warm, relaxing burst of encouragement, Kylie Jean lives to give others the fuel and motivation they need to live their purpose. To fulfill their dreams.

A California girl with a southern address, Kylie Jean has found her heart and her home in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a singer, songwriter, and inspiring speaker to all generations. Her self-titled debut album, Kylie Jean: Vertical, was released in 2010, followed by a national tour through out the US tour with iShine Live . She has appeared on numerous television programs, as well as made sports media appearances working the sidelines reporting for the Jacksonville Sharks of the Arena Football League.

Her greatest desire is to be an encouraging voice to all people. To remind them of their purpose, potential, passion, dreams, and to bring encouragement, hope, and smiles to every circumstance. Kylie Jean radiates joy, life, encouragement, and glows from the inside out.

Kylie Jean is nothing but sunshine.